Your Digital Liberty is Worth Fighting For

We’re on a mission to rebuild the internet around true digital ownership. It starts with verifiable on-chain identity, and ends with full control and straightforward management of your data.


The Code We Live By

UX First

We solve complexity with simplicity: intuitive and innovative user interfaces, rooted in technically sound engineering.

Feel Stupid, Everyday

Everything we don’t know presents an opportunity. We actively explore the unknown, and live in perpetual curiosity.

Move with Urgency

Compared to big, legacy tech, we have tremendous agility, and the luxury of limited risk. Fail early, fail often, fail forward.

Nobody is Right...

In a nascent industry, answering the right questions begins with questioning the right answers


How did we even end up here?

November 2020
Light Bulb

In order to send a video game clip to his friends, Prad Nukala realizes he has to manually plug a USB into his PC, copy it to his mac, then airdrop it to his phone. He thinks this is dumb. This inspires the universal data transmission protocol that would evolve into Sonr’s user-owned internet.

November 2021
$5M Seed Round

With a functional MVP and the 5th most Github commits in the world, Prad raises a Seed Round from several investors including Shima Capital, Torch, Synergis, Tess Ventures, Backend Capital, Builder Capital, Portico Ventures.

December 2021
We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

As the vision for Sonr starts to crystalize, the scope of possibility starts to erupt. It’s clear a team is needed. Prad pitches Sonr to Michael Amoako, an MIT grad working on Microsoft's Responsible AI program. Michael agrees to join Sonr on the spot.

January 2022
The One Thing Missing in Outer Space...

At Miami Hack Week, Sonr pairs up with an ambitious team of devs looking to launch an NFT in space. Shortly after winning the hackathon, the team assume critical roles at Sonr. Nick Tindle and Ben Linville become the Head of Engineering and Buisiness operations lead, respectively.

This is Where You Come In

Equipped with a comprehensive suite of developer tools, Sonr is launching into onboarding teams of builders to establish the first set of applications within the Sonr ecosystem.

Our Team

The Creative Brains Behind The Vision

Team member photo

Prad Nukala

Team member photo

Michael Amoako

Chief of Staff
Team member photo

Nick Tindle

Head of Engineering
Team member photo

Ben Linville

Head of Biz Ops
Team member photo

Ian Perez

Software Engineer
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Josh Long

Software Engineer
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Brayden Cloud

Software Engineer

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