Reclaim your Digital Rights

Own your data and digital identity across the decentralized web, with Sonr’s user and developer friendly tools.

The Drivers License

Your Sonr domain acts as your driver's license for the Sonr network, enabling verifiable on-chain identity and device linking.

The Motor

Motor nodes serve as peers on the network, sending and receiving data from peer-to-peer activity.

The Highway

Highway nodes serve as the path along which motor nodes are able to communicate.

Self-Sovereign Digital Liberty

Simpler and safer than passwords or key phrases. Access your apps and data using only your device.

Interconnected Apps by Design

Sonr apps are interoperable by design. Each new app creates exponentially greater opportunities.

Cross-Chain and IBC Enabled

Sonr supports communication with hundreds of other blockchains for streamlined development and superior user experience.

Build on Sonr

Kickstart the Future

The real MVP: No-code developer tools to take your dApp from zero to one in hours, not days.
No-Code Builder
Comprehensive developer tools in a simple, intuitive dashboard
No-code Automation
Efficient Workflows
Progress Tracking
Coming Soon
Real-time Collaboration
Frontend Plugins
Motor SDK
Streamline connectivity, authorization and cross-platform compatibility into a single workflow. Integrate with Sonr’s Motor plugins to automatically secure peer-to-peer networking from any device.
Coming Soon
Smart Contracts
Plug-and-play: seamlessly integrate smart contracts into your dApp with just a few clicks.
Awesomeness has entered the chat

Beam: Next-Level Chat Features

A Central Hub for Messaging

Send and receive messages and media across any platform from a single app.

Rapid File Sharing for Everyone

Quickly and securely share data between any devices with end-to-end encryption and transfer speeds 30% faster than AirDrop.

Full Privacy & Control

Built-in identity management means you own your data, and control who has access to it.