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Why is File Sharing still a pain?

Where do we start? There has been zero innovation in data delivery for the past 15 years. The concept of link sharing a file has existed since the early days of Mediafire back in 2006. The only brand new protocols have been made by device manufacturers with Airdrop and Android nearby. We decided to create a platform where nobody gets locked into a walled garden while implementing all the best features of Web 3.0.

How long do I have to wait for an invite?

We have been releasing invitations daily to maximize the ease of use for our users on installation. Sonr is designed to work coexisting with your tools and native platform features. We are working hard to make it accessible for everyone. You should receive your invite as soon as possible!

Whats the catch?

There's no catch! Since Sonr runs completely P2P, we don't have to charge you based on file sizes like other providers such as WeTransfer or Dropbox. Remote Transfers are free for the time being, and local transfers will be free forever!

Why are you building this now?

We believe we are at the perfect crossroads of Web 3.0 becoming mainstream and p2p technology becoming stable enough to replace existing infrastructure.Since Sonr is entirely peer-to-peer we don't have to compromise on file size because we don't have to spend a penny when a user shares a file. Effectively making our Cost of Goods zero, enabling us to prioritize user experience, speed, and security.

Can I request a new feature for Sonr?

Absolutely! Sonr is designed to make your life easier, just leave your suggestion here.

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