Spotify API
A decentralized music playlist creation app that leverages Sonr's SDK and Spotify's recommendation engine to curate music playlists based on the preferences of peers in the same geographical area.


The inspiration behind PeerPlaylist is to decentralize the music listening experience by integrating blockchain technology. Leveraging the capabilities of the Sonr network and Spotify's recommendation engine, we aimed to create a unique music playlist curation system that takes into account the preferences of peers within the same geographical area. This provides users with a new, dynamic way to discover and enjoy music.

What it does

PeerPlaylist is an app built on the Sonr network’s SDK, using an Angular.js frontend. The app asks users to select their favorite artists from a displayed list of popular artists across all genres. These preferences are then stored on-chain in a Sonr bucket. Once all users have made their submissions, this on-chain data is pushed to the Spotify recommendation engine. This engine then returns a curated playlist based on the collective preferences of the users. The generated playlist, along with links to listen, are then returned to the user.

How we built it

We built PeerPlaylist using the Sonr network's SDK and a frontend built with Angular.js. The playlist generation leverages Spotify's recommendation engine. The data storage and retrieval is handled by Sonr's on-chain buckets, and the user interface is created using Bootstrap, JavaScript, and TypeScript.

What's next for PeerPlaylist

We envision enhancing PeerPlaylist by adding more personalization options for users, extending the geographical range for peer matching, and incorporating other music streaming services to offer a more diverse listening experience. The objective is to ensure that PeerPlaylist continues to grow and adapt to users' changing musical tastes and preferences.