Empowering creators to connect with their communities


With the rise of blockchain technology, peer-to-peer transactions and decentralized networks are becoming increasingly important. This inspired us to create a platform that leverages Sonr's capabilities in decentralized identity (DID) documents, Webauthn, and IPFS to create a secure, user-friendly system for managing digital identities and assets. The idea is to create an ecosystem where content creators and consumers can interact directly with each other, exchanging value through social tokens.

What it does

The platform enables creators to issue their own social tokens, representing ownership of their profiles on the platform. This allows them to incentivize followers to engage with their content, rewarding them with tokens. As creators keep providing content, they can maintain and raise the price of their tokens, making profit and funding their brand. The tokens are implemented through smart contracts, ensuring safety and agreement between users and creators.

On the other side, users can purchase and resell tokens of their favorite creators to gain exclusive access to their fanbase and potentially make a profit. The benefits can range from exclusive invitations to events, dividends, or free items. Essentially, a user can buy tokens from a creator in exchange for certain benefits and ownership of the creator’s brand.

How we built it

The platform is built using Sonr's DID and asset management system, with other technologies to be confirmed.

What's next for Indicium

We plan to continue developing the platform, refining its features, and exploring new ways to enhance the interaction between content creators and consumers. This will include exploring the potential for further incentives and benefits for both creators and consumers.

In terms of specifics, we're planning to expand the functionalities of the platform and improve its integration with various technologies and services. We also plan to continue refining our use of Sonr's DID and asset management system, working to optimize our use of these technologies. This will involve continually learning about the latest developments in the blockchain and DID spaces and adapting our platform to leverage these advancements.